Mikkos Triangel 3

10 Rounds
Min 1 row 14 cal
Min 2 asault bike 13 cal
Min 3 skierg 12 cal
Min 4 rest


Comp 30/1

Snatch – heavy single, then 85% of HS; 90% of HS 85-72.5-77.5 kg
Front Squat – heavy single, then 85% of HS; 90% of HS: 115-97.5-103.5 kg

Gymnastics Conditioning
5x 60% of your best unbroken Muscle up set, rest 2 minutes between sets

Squat Snatch 42.5 kg
CTB Pull-Ups”

Fruktansvärt öm i händerna så gav upp CTB efter 21 och körde push ups istället.
Plågade mig igenom snatcharna då kroppen hade noll krafter kvar…
Tog drygt 14 min att bli klar 😦

Variant på Open 14.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible:

From 0-3 minutes: 10 overhead squats and 10 chest-to-bar- pull-ups
From 3-6 minutes: 12 overhead squats and 12 chest-to-bar- pull-ups
From 6-9 minutes: 14 overhead squats and 14 chest-to-bar- pull-ups

Same pattern continues a long as you can go until you fail to complete the round with in 3 min.

Resultat: 12 OH-squat in round of 20.

IFL 1.6 + team chipper

International Fitness League workout 1.6:

150 HSPU for time!
Every drop from your handstand position you need to do 30 DU before you can be back to help your team with the HSPU.

Total time is your team score.

Tid: 7:47

Jag, Anders och Adam tog oss ann denna och som väntat fungerade det ok ungefär halvvägs igenom sen började ”damage control”.

Team chipper med Filip
For time:
Thrusters 40 kg
Burpees over bar

30 snatch 70 kg

Slamballs 25 kg
KB C&J 24 kg

Tid: 26 min