The Athlete Games QUALIFIER WORKOUT 3 MU instead of DL

Strict HSPU prog 5-5-10
(2 tjocka och 1 tunn matta)

Handstand walk 10 min

The Athlete Games QUALIFIER WORKOUT 3 MU instead of DL, Time cap: 10 min

The Athlete starts the 2-part workout on 3-2-1-GO with part A being a 1000m row. The Athlete will record the time it took to complete 1000m on the rower.

Time: 3.44 min

He/she will then move over to part B and complete as many rounds and reps as possible within the remaining time of the 10mins.

Part B consists of 4 handstand push-up followed by 3 MU and 12 box jump over.

2 rounds + 6 BJ over



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