101 W5/D4

1. Front squat
Fifty (50) reps on 70% (84 kg) of your all-time 1RM. You split it into as many sets as you have to. Avoid failure. 5 rep x 10

2. Deadlift 105 kg

2.1 Ten reps, touch and go, strongest mix-grip.
2.2 Ten reps, touch and go, weakest mix-grip.
2.3 Ten reps, alternating between weakest and strongest mix grip, lift the bar and then drop it down.

3. Circle Training. 10-8-9 in five different exercises.

A. Power clusters (power clean and directly from the catch into a push-press) 60 kg.

B. Strict press. 40 kg

C. Strict toes to bar.

D. Power snatch. 40 kg

E. Strict dips



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